how to wake up early in the morning

how to wake up early in the morning without alarm

we all know the benefits of waking up early. Most of the successful people use to wake up early in the morning. waking up early seems difficult but it's not it is just you have to shift your sleep cycle. then waking up early will become your habit and then it will piece of cake for you. it takes 21 days to make a habit, so if you follow these tips for 21 days then you don't need even alarm to wake up.

Benefits of waking up early-  

                          There are lots of reasons to wake up early in the morning like -

1. Scheduling:

                          Morning is the best time to schedule your whole day. Scheduling your day will help you do the priority work plus it can help you plan other things also and you won't be wasting any of your time which in turn will make your day more productive.

2. Sunrise: 

                   The rays of the sun in the morning are full of vitamin D which is very good for your bones and immune system. Seeing sunrise and that chirping of birds alone make my day. 

3. Concentration -  

                                 In the morning time your mind is empty and full of energy so before taking any stress of this material world by checking WhatsApp, social media or news-paper, just do in what you are passionate about, acquire new skills. if you are a student then it is the best time to study.

4. Exercise and yoga -

                                     Morning is the best time to do yoga with the beautiful sunshine and chirping sound of birds. And if you want to lose weight then the morning is the best time because in the morning your stomach is empty so if you workout in the morning then you will lose weight faster.

Take full sleep -

                               Taking full sleep is a must. Without taking a normal sleep you can't wake up early. So if you want to Wake up early. You should sleep at least 5-6 hours and don't take naps during day time because it disturbs the sleep cycle.

Sleep very early - 

                                  In starting days you can sleep very early than usual. if you sleep at 12:00 the try to sleep at 10:00 or 9:00 because it is very difficult to continue the habit of waking up early in starting 1 to 3 days. In initial days sleep a minimum of 8 hours before your target time (to get up).

 Drink water - 

                        It happens a lot of time when we wake up in the morning but can't get out of bed because of that morning laziness. so here is the tip which will help you to get out of bed. Drink as much water as you can before you go to bed. And the next morning you definitely have to get out of bed to pee.

Use advance alarms -

                                   The most common tool used by people to wake up early in the morning is 'alarm' but the problem is the snooze button we always snooze the alarm and again go back to sleep. for that we can use some advance alarm freely available on play store like - "ALARMY" in this alarm you have to perform a task to stop your alarm, the task can be - solve maths questions, shake your phone for some set amount of time, have to click photo of something specific,  or to scan a barcode, etc .. you can choose the task and difficulty level at your own.

On lights - 

                    On all the bright lights in your room which will give a signal to your brain that its morning and it's time to wake up. It will be best if you take sunshine in the morning which will be beautiful and make you up.

Eat something  -

                             Once you get out of bed now the next challenge is to resist yourself from going back to the bed. For that, it is recommended to wash your face with chill water but I know that is a Hercules task for many of us so the alternative is to eat your favorite sack which will definitely wake your mind also up. But I will recommend to eat some dry fruits. and don't forget to wash your teeth after that once you are completely up.

Set a priority work to do in the morning-

                                                                  Waking up early without any reason or goal will make you sleep again. so I will suggest you set a goal and in the initial 5-7 days, you can do things you like, Which will give you the motivation to wake up early and stay waked up.

Conclusion - 

                       These tips will help you to wake up. Some tips are only to give you the motivation to wake up and to make it habit so don't use them daily. Like eating snacks before brushing your teeth. Use these tips and you will get results. Best of luck for your future.

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